Friday, August 30, 2013

Review on Thanos Rising ( No Spoilers )

Well Thanos Rising has come to an end. It was a five issue story ARC. As for me I'm sad to see it go. I loved this comic. Seeing how The Mad Titan developed from birth to who he is today was just phenomenal. It all started in Issue # 1.

Yes I mean started as we see Sui - San ( his Mother ) give birth to him. A cute little innocent Thanos. Did I just use innocent with Thanos. I believe I did so.

The thing is his Mother wanted him dead from the minute he came out of her. She sensed the evil that was coming. From there we move on to Issue # 2.

We see Thanos interacting with other children and becoming the scientist his Dad always wanted. The problem is he wanted to kill everything to see how it worked and if that meant people also so be it! This is where we figure out who his new friend is.Not going to give it away but here is a picture. Make your own conclusions

Here we move on to Issue # 3.

This is where we see the Mad Titan start to become who we know him as. After a grisly murder at the end of # 2 we learn more about who he is and what he has done all through the Galaxy. Lets just say he was a George Clooney of the Cosmos and becomes a Space Pirate.Which brings us to # 4.

Finally in this issue we get to see who is Mistress and friend is. I'm sure you would of guessed it anyway by this time but they actually explain it in this issue. He takes command of his ship and sets forth to clean up some of his mistakes. Which leads us to the final issue # 5.

In this final issue we see Thanos come home to Titan and have a welcome home party that only Thanos can deliver. Like I said I loved this comic. The one downfall I had with it was that I would of like to see more of his childhood and teen years.I know you can't really get into that in five issues but that's my one complaint.

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