Thursday, June 27, 2013

Comic - Con 2013 Exhibitors List.

Three weeks till Comic - Con 2013. Yes that's right three weeks!! I'm starting to get excited now. The exhibitors map has just been put out and some of the big name companies that will be there are on it. Here it is.

I see Marvel , DC Comics , Sideshow , ABC  ,  Lucas Films , Lego , Mattel  and plenty of other booths I want to see. Hopefully the Hall schedules will be up soon so we can see who will be doing panels. All I know right now is ABC's  T.V. show S.H.I.E.L.D. will be doing one. Also The Walking Dead Escape will be taking over Petco Park once again. Here is a video of what The Walking Dead Escape looks like. More information to come as I receive it. Se ya There!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Comics out today 6-26-13

Yes another Wednesday and more new comics out today. Also we are 22 days away from Comic -Con San Diego. Are you going? I  am and will be doing some blogs and updates of whats going on and of course pictures. Make sure you follow me to catch all the updates. Ok back to the new comics out today. On the Marvel side we have Guardians of the Galaxy # 4.

Gamora is the deadliest women in the Marvel Universe and she has a secret! Can it bring down the team?
Next we have Wolverine # 5.

New York City is under Biological attack can Wolverine save it? Logan is trapped in the Helicarrier and its sinking in the Atlantic Ocean can he get out in time and save the Big Apple. Special appearance by Nick Fury. Finally we have Age of Ulton # 10 AI . Yes that right we are leaving the AU series and heading into AI now.

The finale of the AU series and the man Joe Quesada is coming back to do the last few pages to this big Marvel changing experience. Now on to the DC Comics side. First off we have Batman / Superman # 1.

This is a new series from the New 52. See the first meeting of these two heavyweights! Next we have Batman The Dark Knight # 21.

The finale of the origin of The Mad Hatter. Next is The Flash # 21.

While trying to find the Speed Force Killer Barry runs into the Teen Titans and also meets Kid Flash for the first time. These are just some of the comics out today. REMEMBER TO SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL COMIC SHOP.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Comics out today 6-12-13

Yes it's Wednesday so more new comics hit the shelves today. Lets take a look at some of them. On the Marvel side we have Guardians of the Galaxy # 3.

Love this cover with Rocket Raccoon. So far this is a great series. I can't wait to see Gamora lose control and start to do what her father Thanos does and kick some ASS! Next up we have Thor God of Thunder # 9.

Will three Thor's be enough to take down Gorr the God's butcher? Then we have Astonishing X - Men # 63.

Ice Man goes against his biggest foe to date. Can it be himself? Ok lets move on over to DC Comics. Up first we have a premier issue of Superman Unchained # 1.

This is a brand new series created by Jim Lee and Scott Snyder, Lex Luthor is in jail so who could send thirteen  satellites crashing to Earth? Next we have Batman Zero Year # 21.

Bruce Wayne takes the final steps toward his destiny. Finally we have Batgirl # 21.

Batgirl battles against the new Ventriloquist , but has she met her match? These are just some of the new comics out today. REMEMBER TO SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL COMIC SHOP!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's Clobberin Time!

It's Clobberin Time! Yes you got it. The phrase made famous by The Thing. So you know that means its Fantastic Four time. The Fantastic Four consists of : Ben Grimm ( The Thing ) , Susan Storm ( Invisible Woman ) , Johnny Storm ( Human Torch ) , and Dr. Reed Richards ( Mr. Fantastic ).  

The Fantastic Four made their comic debut in 1961 in The Fantastic Four Issue # 1. Many characters in the Marvel Universe  were introduced to us for the first time in the pages of The Fantastic Four. Some examples are Galactus , Silver Surfer , Inhumans , the Kree race , The Skrull Race  , and The Black Panther to name a few. Their most notable villain they always seem to battle was Victor Von Doom ( Dr. Doom ) who made his debut in Issue # 5 in 1962. So here it is  the very first issue of The Fantastic Four. While reading take a look at their outfits you will see that famous outfits that we know and love are not here yet. They will come in issue # 3 when Susan Storm makes them. ENJOY!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thorsday : Ragnarok

Once again Happy Thorsday!

As usual on Thorsday I bring you something related to the Norse God! Today it is Ragnarok. The one and only thing that the Gods are scared of. Ragnarok means " Fate of the Gods " or " Final destiny of the Gods ".
Ragnarok is a great battle which brings the death of some great Norse Gods. The Gods who meet their death are Odin , Thor , Loki , Freyr , Heimdallr , Tyr. After this great battle various natural disasters happen and then the world is covered in water.When the world resurfaces the surviving Gods return and meet and two human survivors will start to populate once again. So today I thought I would bring to you the 1st time Ragnarok was shown in the comics. It was in Thor Issue # 27 of April 1966. It was featured in the back 5 pages under Tales of Asgard. I hope you enjoy this comic along with the Norse Mythology.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday That means New Comics!

Yes another Wednesday which means more new comics hit the shelves today. Here are some of them. On the Marvel side lets begin with Age of Ultron # 9.

The Marvel universe has been turned upside down. Can the ones left save the Planet and the Galaxy. After this issue only one more left. Next is Thanos Rising # 3.

Thanos has left his home planet and is looking to spill some more blood. I love this series! It's great to see how he grew up and became who he is. Next is my favorite Marvel comic right now The Superior Spider - Man # 11.

Jonah Jameson is calling on Superior Spider-Man to make sure his execution goes to plan. Like I said this is my favorite comic right now. If you don't know who Superior Spider-Man is all I can say is WOW! Finally on the Marvel side we have a premier issue of Daredevil Dark Nights # 1.

A blizzard is hitting New York and someone is dying. Can Daredevil get to him in time. Ok now for you DC Comic guys. We start off with Green Arrow # 21.

Ollie returns to where he became the Green Arrow and learns about his father and also the mysterious Outsiders. Next we have Green Lantern # 21.

Hal Jordan becomes the leader of the Green Lantern Corps. Finally we have Legend of the Dark Knight # 9.

Scarecrow wants to test his new fear toxin is Batman ready for it? These are just some of the new issues out today. REMEMBER TO SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL COMIC SHOP.