Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thorsday : Ragnarok

Once again Happy Thorsday!

As usual on Thorsday I bring you something related to the Norse God! Today it is Ragnarok. The one and only thing that the Gods are scared of. Ragnarok means " Fate of the Gods " or " Final destiny of the Gods ".
Ragnarok is a great battle which brings the death of some great Norse Gods. The Gods who meet their death are Odin , Thor , Loki , Freyr , Heimdallr , Tyr. After this great battle various natural disasters happen and then the world is covered in water.When the world resurfaces the surviving Gods return and meet and two human survivors will start to populate once again. So today I thought I would bring to you the 1st time Ragnarok was shown in the comics. It was in Thor Issue # 27 of April 1966. It was featured in the back 5 pages under Tales of Asgard. I hope you enjoy this comic along with the Norse Mythology.

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