Monday, June 3, 2013

Superman Unbound!

This is a original animated movie brought to you by DC Universe. It came out last month but I happened to see this at the World Premier at Wonder - Con earlier this year before it was released to the public. This movie is based on the comic book story arc " Superman: Brainiac " that came out in 2008. Superman / Clark Kent is voiced by Matthew Bomer.

Lois Lane is voiced by Stana Katic.

Supergirl is voiced by Molly Quinn.

and finally Brainiac is voiced by John Noble.

The movie starts out as Lois is captured by some terrorists and Supergirl comes to save her before Superman.

Soon after Superman heads into space to stop a meteor from crashing into Earth. He soon finds out that the meteor is really a drone sent by Brainiac.

Soon Brainiac has captured Superman and Superman realizes that Brainiac has been capturing cities and shrinking them to gather information including Kandor and later Metropolis. Supergirl gets the word on Superman's capture and heads on out to help.

Then its the battle to save the lost shrunken cities. I liked this movie. Great animation and of course the voices are done and believable. There are some great laughs also in this movie. My favorite part is when Lois gives the one finger salute. Classic!!!

The ending of this movie will have you clapping for Superman and Lois. I hope that's not giving it away but you will leave this movie with a smile. Go get this movie or take a gander at it through Netflix. Up Up and Away!!!!

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