Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Comics out today 6-26-13

Yes another Wednesday and more new comics out today. Also we are 22 days away from Comic -Con San Diego. Are you going? I  am and will be doing some blogs and updates of whats going on and of course pictures. Make sure you follow me to catch all the updates. Ok back to the new comics out today. On the Marvel side we have Guardians of the Galaxy # 4.

Gamora is the deadliest women in the Marvel Universe and she has a secret! Can it bring down the team?
Next we have Wolverine # 5.

New York City is under Biological attack can Wolverine save it? Logan is trapped in the Helicarrier and its sinking in the Atlantic Ocean can he get out in time and save the Big Apple. Special appearance by Nick Fury. Finally we have Age of Ulton # 10 AI . Yes that right we are leaving the AU series and heading into AI now.

The finale of the AU series and the man Joe Quesada is coming back to do the last few pages to this big Marvel changing experience. Now on to the DC Comics side. First off we have Batman / Superman # 1.

This is a new series from the New 52. See the first meeting of these two heavyweights! Next we have Batman The Dark Knight # 21.

The finale of the origin of The Mad Hatter. Next is The Flash # 21.

While trying to find the Speed Force Killer Barry runs into the Teen Titans and also meets Kid Flash for the first time. These are just some of the comics out today. REMEMBER TO SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL COMIC SHOP.

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