Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's Clobberin Time!

It's Clobberin Time! Yes you got it. The phrase made famous by The Thing. So you know that means its Fantastic Four time. The Fantastic Four consists of : Ben Grimm ( The Thing ) , Susan Storm ( Invisible Woman ) , Johnny Storm ( Human Torch ) , and Dr. Reed Richards ( Mr. Fantastic ).  

The Fantastic Four made their comic debut in 1961 in The Fantastic Four Issue # 1. Many characters in the Marvel Universe  were introduced to us for the first time in the pages of The Fantastic Four. Some examples are Galactus , Silver Surfer , Inhumans , the Kree race , The Skrull Race  , and The Black Panther to name a few. Their most notable villain they always seem to battle was Victor Von Doom ( Dr. Doom ) who made his debut in Issue # 5 in 1962. So here it is  the very first issue of The Fantastic Four. While reading take a look at their outfits you will see that famous outfits that we know and love are not here yet. They will come in issue # 3 when Susan Storm makes them. ENJOY!

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