Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's Thorsday!!

Yes its again time for another Thorsday!

Today I will be giving a short review on the animated movie called " Thor : Tales of Asgard ".

This animated movie came out in 2011 and went straight to video. It takes place when Thor and Loki were teenagers. So Thor had no Mjölnir ( hammer as you midgardians call it )  and Loki was just starting to learn his magic. Thor wants to prove he is a man to his father ( Odin )  and sets out on an adventure with his brother Loki and the warriors three ( Fandral , Hogun , and Volstagg ) Sif joins later . What they are going after is the Lost Sword of Surtur. 

There are some great fight scenes along the way and also some funny lines. Watching Loki try to use his magic when he is still learning is very enjoyable since it mostly gets them in trouble not out of it. One of the best scenes in this film is when Sif and Thor have a nice sword battle to show who is stronger. Sif overpowers him. Love it.

All in all I enjoyed this movie. If you are a Thor fan go get it.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Kal - El.

Happy 75th birthday to Kal - El ( Clark Kent , Superman ).  Yesterday was Thorsday so I thought I would give a Happy belated Birthday to the Man of Steel today.

Yes 75 years ago yesterday the Man of Steel was introduced to us. He made his 1st appearance in the comic world in issue # 1 of Action Comics in 1938. Published on April 18 , but the cover was dated June.

Kal - El was his real name back on the planet of Krypton. He came to Earth on a rocket that was sent here by his father Jor - El. The rest is history. I was first introduced to Superman when I was a kid and watched the repeats of the old black and white T.V. show called The Adventures of Superman. Which aired from September 1952 through April of 1958.

In this series Superman was played by George Reeves.

Next time I remember seeing Superman again was in 1978 in Superman The Movie.Where everyone fell in love with Christopher Reeves as the Man of Steel. My favorite Superman.

Of course there was also some animated T.V. shows like Super Friends which aired from September 1973 through August 1974..

Also Justice League and plenty of animated movies and T.V. shows.So once again Happy Birthday to an American Icon. Thank You Jerry Siegel , and Joe Shuster for creating him.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Torsdag!!! Thorsday in Swedish...

Happy Thorsday!!!

Today on another great Thorsday I will bring to you Tales of Asgard. It all started in Issue # 97 in Journey Into Mystery from 1963. That is 14 Issues after the 1st appearance of Thor in Issue # 83. It appears usually about the last 4 to 5 pages of the latest Thor story. As the title suggests it gives stories and history of Asgard and of course Norse Mythology. To me the more I read about the Norse Mythology the more I like it. No more Greek mythology for me , but that might be because of my Scandinavian heritage and my Viking bloodline! This premier story takes place before Odin and talks about the Frost Giant Ymir. So here it is. I will give you the Cover page of the comic and then jump to the beginning of Tales from Asgard.   Skål!  (cheers in Swedish ).

Hope you enjoyed the comic and also got a little history of Norse Mythology out of it.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Marvel Encyclopedia

Today I will be reviewing or more showcasing a gift I got last night it's the Marvel Encyclopedia.

This book and may I say a gigantic book is a celebration of 70 years of Marvel Comics. It is a coffee table book. The Encyclopedia has more then 400 pages and consist of one volume. It contains over 1,000 of Marvel Superheroes and Villains. From well know characters like Spider-man ( Peter Parker ) and Mr. Fantastic ( Reed Richards ).

To lesser know characters like Air - Walker ( Gabriel Lan ).

Also lets not forget plenty of Villains also like Galactus.

The book also has story lines that are significant to the Marvel Universe like the Civil War which involved the Avengers , X - Men , Fantastic Four.

Also it shows important comics by decade.

This Encyclopedia also has some great artwork and gives information and history of every character involved in the Marvel Universe. If you are a Marvel fan or just a comic fan in general this is a must have. To top it off it has introduction to the Encyclopedia by the Man , the Myth , the Living Legend , Stan Lee..


Friday, April 12, 2013

The Mandarin

Well since Iron Man 3 is due out soon. May 3rd if you didn't know. I thought we would give a little background on the Mandarin. Iron Man's archenemy. Here is a movie poster of Iron Man 3 with Ben Kingsley who will be playing the Mandarin.

Well The Mandarin got his debut in Marvel comics in Tales of Suspense issue # 50 in 1964.

He was born to a Chinese father and an English mother. They were very rich. However they both died when he was very young. His Aunt raised him. She spent every penny they had on teaching him science and martial arts. He became a genius and very skilled in Martial Arts. Besides those skills and where he gets his real much needed power is from his ten rings. He got these rings in the Valley of Spirits where an Alien spacecraft crashed.With his vast knowledge of science he was able to figure out what these rings did. Here is a diagram of his hands with each ring and what they do.

Here is a picture of the rings in Iron Man 3.

He was always going for World Domination and the very best technology. Which of course means going after Mr. Tony Stark ( Iron Man ). . I'm looking forward to this film a lot. In case you are going to watch Iron Man 1 and 2 before this comes out check out  Iron Man 1 and the group holding Tony Stark captive they are known as The Ten Rings Organization. Reference of course to The Mandarin.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Thorsday!!

Yes it's Thorsday once again. Recently I just watched Thor again and wanted to know what all the treasures in Odin's room were. So I did some homework and and found out. Here is a picture of some of the treasures in his vault.

The Eternal Flame

This flame was stolen by Odin and his brothers from Surtur who resides in one of the nine realms of Norse Mythology called Muspelheim. If Surtur would light his sword from this flame he could bring down Asgard and all the Gods. This flame first appeared in Thor issue # 349 in 1984.

Next is the Warlock's Eye

This item was stolen by Thor and the Warrior's Three ( Fandral , Hogun , and  Volstagg ) from Harokin an Asgardian enemy of Thor's. It's a mystical weapon. It first appeared in Thor issue # 131 in 1966.

Next is The Orb of Agamotto or the Eye of Agamotto

Why it's in Odin's vault I don't know. This belongs to Dr. Strange.It gives him clairvoyance and can detect where magic is being used or dangers to the world , but It can be blocked by other magic users... Hmmm maybe being used in Thor 2 The Dark World .It first appeared in Strange Tales # 128.

The Tablet of Life

This once belong to Spider-Man and also Sub - Mariner ( Prince Namor ). It has the power to make its owner into a superior being. It comes from Atlantis which is home to the Sub - Mariner. It first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man # 68... This is the best picture I could get sorry.

 The Infinity Gauntlet

The person wearing this will become God like with God qualities. In other words you can control the universe. Hmmmm maybe a clue for Avengers 2. I hope so!! It is made up of  6 gems ( time , space , mind , soul , reality , and power ) . The first gem appeared in The Power of Warlock # 1 1972

The Casket of Ancient Winters

Of course if you have seen the movie you know what this is. It can only be opened and used by a Frost Giant. Odin stole this one too. It first appeared in Thor issue # 346 in 1984.

Well there you have it. Seems like Odin and Thor should be thief's instead of God's with everything they steal , but then again it's to protect the nine realms..
Have a great day hope you learned something I know I did.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Comic day!

Yes that's right it's Wednesday which means that new comics are hitting the shelves. I have three to get today. First one is Age of Ultron # 5.

The continuing saga of Ultron and his Sentinels as they destroy Earth and what ever is in its way including Superheroes.Next two are Tie - Ins to Age of Ultron they are Ultron # 1.

This is a one - shot comic. Not really sure about this one but I want to make sure I have the complete series so I will get it. It's about a teen android maybe built by Ultron.. Like I said not sure about it..Last issue is Avengers Assemble # 14.

Love this cover with the Black Widow sitting on something that Ultron destroyed while one of his Sentinels head is at her feet.. Enough about what I'm getting. Here is some other books out today if you are interested.

Marvel Comics:                                                                 DC Comics
Avenging Spiderman # 19                                              Bat-girl # 19
Thor God of Thunder # 7                                               Bat-Man # 19
Wolverine # 2                                                                Green Latern Corps # 19

Well I will be at Comics Unlimited as soon as I get off of work to pick up my copies. Remember to support your local Comic Shop.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's time for the Captain!

I know it doesn't come out till next year , but production began yesterday for this film. The first photo was taken on the set and I had to share it. This is it.
Impressive already love seeing the Captain's Shield with the S.H.I.E.L.D logo in the background. Looks like we will be seeing some new villains in this film. Let me introduce them for you. 1st we have Frank Grillo playing Crossbones / Brock Rumlow.
 Crossbones is a henchman for the Red Skull who was the main villain in the 1st film. His 1st appearance in comic form was in issue # 359 - 360 of Captain America in 1989. Next we have a MMA fighter. Don't laugh in this case it makes great sense. It's Georges St - Pierre as Batroc the Leaper.
 Batroc is a mercenary and is a master of kick boxing known as Savate. Told you it made sense. I hope he can act! His 1st appearance in comic form was in Tales of Suspense # 75 in 1966. Now for a new hero. Anthony Mackie as Falcon / Samuel Wison.

He can fly , is great at Martial Arts , and has the ability to see through any birds eyes that are nearby. and lets not forget villain / hero in this movie Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes / Winter Solider.
 He is Captain America's sidekick. He 1st appeared in as Bucky Barnes in issue # 1 of Captain America in 1941. His 1st appearance as the Winter Soldier was Captain America Volume 5 issue # 1 in 2005.  He becomes the Winter Soldier when Russians find him and find out he has amnesia they use this to their advantage to become a Russian Assassin. So you can see how he is a villain and becomes a hero later. Later on in comics he becomes Captain America also. Other people you will recognize in this film are. Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury , Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romnaoff / Black Widow , Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill.

Well last off we have Chris Evans playing Steve Rodgers / Captain America.
We all know about him. His 1st appererance was in Captain America # 1 in 1941.
Until next time GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!