Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Thorsday!!

Yes it's Thorsday once again. Recently I just watched Thor again and wanted to know what all the treasures in Odin's room were. So I did some homework and and found out. Here is a picture of some of the treasures in his vault.

The Eternal Flame

This flame was stolen by Odin and his brothers from Surtur who resides in one of the nine realms of Norse Mythology called Muspelheim. If Surtur would light his sword from this flame he could bring down Asgard and all the Gods. This flame first appeared in Thor issue # 349 in 1984.

Next is the Warlock's Eye

This item was stolen by Thor and the Warrior's Three ( Fandral , Hogun , and  Volstagg ) from Harokin an Asgardian enemy of Thor's. It's a mystical weapon. It first appeared in Thor issue # 131 in 1966.

Next is The Orb of Agamotto or the Eye of Agamotto

Why it's in Odin's vault I don't know. This belongs to Dr. Strange.It gives him clairvoyance and can detect where magic is being used or dangers to the world , but It can be blocked by other magic users... Hmmm maybe being used in Thor 2 The Dark World .It first appeared in Strange Tales # 128.

The Tablet of Life

This once belong to Spider-Man and also Sub - Mariner ( Prince Namor ). It has the power to make its owner into a superior being. It comes from Atlantis which is home to the Sub - Mariner. It first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man # 68... This is the best picture I could get sorry.

 The Infinity Gauntlet

The person wearing this will become God like with God qualities. In other words you can control the universe. Hmmmm maybe a clue for Avengers 2. I hope so!! It is made up of  6 gems ( time , space , mind , soul , reality , and power ) . The first gem appeared in The Power of Warlock # 1 1972

The Casket of Ancient Winters

Of course if you have seen the movie you know what this is. It can only be opened and used by a Frost Giant. Odin stole this one too. It first appeared in Thor issue # 346 in 1984.

Well there you have it. Seems like Odin and Thor should be thief's instead of God's with everything they steal , but then again it's to protect the nine realms..
Have a great day hope you learned something I know I did.

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  1. Really dig back stories n history of the comic world. Thanks for doing the homework Chili!!