Friday, April 12, 2013

The Mandarin

Well since Iron Man 3 is due out soon. May 3rd if you didn't know. I thought we would give a little background on the Mandarin. Iron Man's archenemy. Here is a movie poster of Iron Man 3 with Ben Kingsley who will be playing the Mandarin.

Well The Mandarin got his debut in Marvel comics in Tales of Suspense issue # 50 in 1964.

He was born to a Chinese father and an English mother. They were very rich. However they both died when he was very young. His Aunt raised him. She spent every penny they had on teaching him science and martial arts. He became a genius and very skilled in Martial Arts. Besides those skills and where he gets his real much needed power is from his ten rings. He got these rings in the Valley of Spirits where an Alien spacecraft crashed.With his vast knowledge of science he was able to figure out what these rings did. Here is a diagram of his hands with each ring and what they do.

Here is a picture of the rings in Iron Man 3.

He was always going for World Domination and the very best technology. Which of course means going after Mr. Tony Stark ( Iron Man ). . I'm looking forward to this film a lot. In case you are going to watch Iron Man 1 and 2 before this comes out check out  Iron Man 1 and the group holding Tony Stark captive they are known as The Ten Rings Organization. Reference of course to The Mandarin.

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