Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Infinity Gauntlet

Well I just finished Rebirth of Thanos and Thanos Quest. I love this story line. It brings all the Marvel characters together from all of the Galaxies. Watching Thanos trick the Elders and get all the Gems is just classic. Here is a list of who he took the Gems from..
Soul Gem ---  In - Betweener
Time Gem --- Gardener
Space Gem --- Runner
Mind Gem --- Grandmaster
Reality Gem --- Collector
Power Gem --- Champion

Ok I understand some of these guys being Elders but the Gardener and the Collector just were a little far fetched.I'm sure they could of came up with some stronger personalities. Other than that great story... Now on to the next series of comics Infinity Gauntlet issues 1 - 6..
If the cover alone does not make you want to read this I don't know what will..Thanos , Death and Mephisto  joining forces..HMMMM.. Sounds deadly and victorious at the same time.  Until next time like the Silver Surfer says " To me my board"...

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