Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Comic Book Wednesday

Lets push aside the Infinity series for a moment. Today is Wednesday and to us Comic Book nerds it means new comics come out today! The first one I will be buying today is Age of Ultron issue # 4.
This is a great series going on..Earth has been taken over by Ultron who was created by Dr, Henry " Hank " Pym ( Ant - Man / Giant -Man / Yellow-jacket ). He is a robot and over time has developed his own Intelligence including how to re-boot and also upgrade himself. Along with his Ultron Sentinels he has destroyed Earth and some Superheroes along the way.Like I said this is issue # 4 also had some tie ins too. If you are interested in when they came out or due to come out here is a checklist.

The next issue is a premier issue. This will have four more issues then be done. It's called Thanos  Rising.

Like I talked about earlier this week in my blog this is all about Thanos and his early years. It should be interesting to see what made him who is is today. Also could be some background with his brother  ( Eros ). Maybe we will find out if  he really did kill his mother with his own hands? We will see! 


  1. Always interested in the back stories. I dig finding out how they became who they are now.

    1. I love to read about where it all began and how they became who they are.