Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Comic day!

Yes that's right it's Wednesday which means that new comics are hitting the shelves. I have three to get today. First one is Age of Ultron # 5.

The continuing saga of Ultron and his Sentinels as they destroy Earth and what ever is in its way including Superheroes.Next two are Tie - Ins to Age of Ultron they are Ultron # 1.

This is a one - shot comic. Not really sure about this one but I want to make sure I have the complete series so I will get it. It's about a teen android maybe built by Ultron.. Like I said not sure about it..Last issue is Avengers Assemble # 14.

Love this cover with the Black Widow sitting on something that Ultron destroyed while one of his Sentinels head is at her feet.. Enough about what I'm getting. Here is some other books out today if you are interested.

Marvel Comics:                                                                 DC Comics
Avenging Spiderman # 19                                              Bat-girl # 19
Thor God of Thunder # 7                                               Bat-Man # 19
Wolverine # 2                                                                Green Latern Corps # 19

Well I will be at Comics Unlimited as soon as I get off of work to pick up my copies. Remember to support your local Comic Shop.

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