Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Marvel Encyclopedia

Today I will be reviewing or more showcasing a gift I got last night it's the Marvel Encyclopedia.

This book and may I say a gigantic book is a celebration of 70 years of Marvel Comics. It is a coffee table book. The Encyclopedia has more then 400 pages and consist of one volume. It contains over 1,000 of Marvel Superheroes and Villains. From well know characters like Spider-man ( Peter Parker ) and Mr. Fantastic ( Reed Richards ).

To lesser know characters like Air - Walker ( Gabriel Lan ).

Also lets not forget plenty of Villains also like Galactus.

The book also has story lines that are significant to the Marvel Universe like the Civil War which involved the Avengers , X - Men , Fantastic Four.

Also it shows important comics by decade.

This Encyclopedia also has some great artwork and gives information and history of every character involved in the Marvel Universe. If you are a Marvel fan or just a comic fan in general this is a must have. To top it off it has introduction to the Encyclopedia by the Man , the Myth , the Living Legend , Stan Lee..


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