Thursday, April 4, 2013


Yes Thorsday. Since it was named after him. So from now on I shall call it Thorsday , and from now on every Thorsday in my blog will be dedicated to Thor or related to Thor. Since this is my 1st Thorsday in my blog I decided to give you all a nice treat. Thanks to a good friend and fellow blogger Uncle Jeffy ( check out his blog link is on my page ) . I will give to you the very 1st time that Thor was introduced to the comic world. He 1st appeared in the comic Journey Into Mystery # 83 in August of 1962 brought to life by Stan Lee , Larry Lieber , and the great Jack Kirby. It was then called Journey Into Mystery with The Mighty Thor   
in issue # 104 of  May 1964. Then finally he got his own comic The Mighty Thor issue # 126 in March of 1966. I hope you enjoy the premier of Dr. Donald Blake ( Thor ) as I have. Leave a note down below I would love to hear what people thought of it. ENJOY

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