Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Kal - El.

Happy 75th birthday to Kal - El ( Clark Kent , Superman ).  Yesterday was Thorsday so I thought I would give a Happy belated Birthday to the Man of Steel today.

Yes 75 years ago yesterday the Man of Steel was introduced to us. He made his 1st appearance in the comic world in issue # 1 of Action Comics in 1938. Published on April 18 , but the cover was dated June.

Kal - El was his real name back on the planet of Krypton. He came to Earth on a rocket that was sent here by his father Jor - El. The rest is history. I was first introduced to Superman when I was a kid and watched the repeats of the old black and white T.V. show called The Adventures of Superman. Which aired from September 1952 through April of 1958.

In this series Superman was played by George Reeves.

Next time I remember seeing Superman again was in 1978 in Superman The Movie.Where everyone fell in love with Christopher Reeves as the Man of Steel. My favorite Superman.

Of course there was also some animated T.V. shows like Super Friends which aired from September 1973 through August 1974..

Also Justice League and plenty of animated movies and T.V. shows.So once again Happy Birthday to an American Icon. Thank You Jerry Siegel , and Joe Shuster for creating him.

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