Friday, April 5, 2013

Infinity Gauntlet Part 2.

Well I just finished this part of the series. Excellent.  I love this story.. Everyone teaming up to take on Thanos. Even Dr. Doom is on the side of right for once. Here is a great page from the comic showing who is attacking Thanos.

If that wasn't enough here are a few unfriendly people from the cosmos to join in the fight. Lord Chaos and Master Order , Stranger , Love and Hate , Galactus , Kronos , and Two giant Celestials.

Wow. let the crazy begin. Some great battle scenes are in this six issue story line  Some heroes have even disappeared or are dead. Here is a great picture of Vision , Thor , Captain America , and She - Hulk looking at the board the heroes on the left and right are the ones feared dead. While watching Dr. Strange do battle in the middle. 

Now on to the next series in the Infinity Saga. I will not give away what happened at the end of Infinity Gauntlet but there is a clue on the 1st page of the Infinity War.. Until next time...

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  1. The infinity gauntlet cant win at the one above all, just sayin'