Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday That means New Comics!

Yes another Wednesday which means more new comics hit the shelves today. Here are some of them. On the Marvel side lets begin with Age of Ultron # 9.

The Marvel universe has been turned upside down. Can the ones left save the Planet and the Galaxy. After this issue only one more left. Next is Thanos Rising # 3.

Thanos has left his home planet and is looking to spill some more blood. I love this series! It's great to see how he grew up and became who he is. Next is my favorite Marvel comic right now The Superior Spider - Man # 11.

Jonah Jameson is calling on Superior Spider-Man to make sure his execution goes to plan. Like I said this is my favorite comic right now. If you don't know who Superior Spider-Man is all I can say is WOW! Finally on the Marvel side we have a premier issue of Daredevil Dark Nights # 1.

A blizzard is hitting New York and someone is dying. Can Daredevil get to him in time. Ok now for you DC Comic guys. We start off with Green Arrow # 21.

Ollie returns to where he became the Green Arrow and learns about his father and also the mysterious Outsiders. Next we have Green Lantern # 21.

Hal Jordan becomes the leader of the Green Lantern Corps. Finally we have Legend of the Dark Knight # 9.

Scarecrow wants to test his new fear toxin is Batman ready for it? These are just some of the new issues out today. REMEMBER TO SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL COMIC SHOP.

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