Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chronological Order for reading Infinity!

I thought I would share the reading order for Marvel's comic series for Infinity. There are a lot of tie-ins and I thought this might help someone who is just starting to read it. Or for someone who has all the issues but just does not know where to start. I will update this page as more issues come out. So please check back. Lets start with the preludes.

01 . Infinity Free Comic book Day

02. Avengers # 14 - Infinity

03. Avengers # 15 - Infinity

04. Avengers # 16 - Infinity

05. Avengers # 17 - Infinity

06. New Avengers # 8 Infinity

That was all the preludes building up to the beginning of Infinity. It gives you a little back story. Now on to Infinity.

07. Infinity # 1

08. Infinity Against The Tide # 1

09. Infinity Against The Tide # 2

10. Avengers # 18 Infinity

11. Avengers Assemble # 18 Infinity

12. Captain Marvel # 15 Infinity

13. Mighty Avengers # 1 Infinity

14. Mighty Avengers # 2 Infinity

15. Mighty Avengers # 3 Infinity

16. Infinity Heist # 1

17. Nova # 8 Infinity

18. Thunderbolts # 14 Infinity

19. Thunderbolts # 15 Infinity

20. Thunderbolts # 16 Infinity

21. Nova # 9 Infinity

22. New Avengers # 9 Infinity

23. Infinity # 2

24. Avengers # 19 Infinity

25. Infinity The Hunt # 1

26. Infinity The Hunt # 2

27. New Avengers # 10 Infinity

28. Infinity The Hunt # 3

29. Infinity The Hunt # 4

30. Infinity # 3

31. Captain Marvel # 16 Infinity

32. Avengers Assemble # 19 Infinity

33. Avengers # 20 Infinity

34. Thunderbolts #17 Infinity

35. Thunderbolts # 18 Infinity

36. Superior Spider-Man Team Up # 3 Infinity

37. Superior Spider-Man Team Up # 4 Infinity

38. Infinity # 4

39. Avengers # 21 Infinity

40. Fearless Defenders # 10 Infinity

41. Secret Avengers # 10 Infinity

42. Secret Avengers # 11 Infinity

43. Avengers Assemble # 20 Infinity

44. Infinity Heist # 2

45. Infinity The Heist # 3

46. Infinity The Heist # 4

47. New Avengers # 11 Infinity

48. Guardians of the Galaxy # 8 Infinity

49. Infinity # 5

50. Avengers # 22 Infinity

51. Avengers # 23 Infinity

52. Guardians of the Galaxy Infinity # 9

53. Infinity # 6

54. New Avengers # 12 Infinity

55. Wolverine and the X-Men Annual # 1 Infinity


  1. so it don't go by the color of the book? like read the blue with the blue?

    1. and thanks for the list! it really helps!

    2. Glad it is helping you. How do you like the story? I love it!!!

    3. ah there we go im no longer Anonymous. i havent starting reading it yet i was waiting for it to be shipped and i just got it tonight so now i have all the comics but the free comic book day one. im thinking of waiting intill they all come out so i can read them in order...what would you recomend? (im a new comic comic collector and reader)

    4. I have been reading them as they come out I was about 10 behind at the start , but now I'm all caught up. Either way will be fine I believe there could be about 10 to 12 more to go not sure. If you are new to comics check out a blog I did on Thor. I have the very first Thor on it and you can read the entire issue. Enjoy! Any questions feel free to ask. Hope you enjoy my blog and pass it around to people. I love followers. Also follow me on Twitter @ChiliHB . Hope to see ya there also. Thanks again for reading my blog

    5. your going to update this list as they come out right? also how did you find out what order they are? by reading them? and how important is the fcbd one? i may be able to find a copy of it at my comic shop or on Amazon for $4

    6. Yes I will keep updating this list as they come out. You really don't need the free comic book day one but its nice to have the complete set. You can tell by reading them but if you see something wrong let me know.

  2. Does the color around the edges of the tie-ins have to do with the order in which to read them?( i.e.Spider Team-Up 3,4. 3 is yellow 4 is green)

    1. The color corresponds with the release date, but that doesn't necessarily reflect chronological order

  3. Not that I'm aware of. The way I have it it will be a nice continued read. One issue will talk abut one event the next issue in line sometimes gives you more background what happened in that event. Just try this order I have here it will be fine. Hope you enjoy my site!

  4. hey do you know if thanos rising is something i should read to go with infinity?

    1. Thanos Rising is is not connected to the story of Infinity. It is a good series to find out more about who Thanos is and how he became the Mad Titan. I really enjoyed it. Wish it was an ongoing series and would of dived more into his early days , but still a great story. Hope I'm helping you out a little bit.

    2. thanks! you are helping alot! when will you be updating this list? in no hurry just wondering when. thanks again!

    3. I fell behind by two weeks so I got some reading to do.I will catch up this weekend and hopefully will update the list by Monday or Tuesday. Sorry just life got in the way of comics. LoL.

  5. is New Avengers # 7 part of Infinity preludes?

  6. No it's not. That issue is just dealing with the war between Atlantis and Wakanda. I know that is going on in the Infinity series but it's way before it got going , but looks like a good read

  7. i started reading it and its pretty good so far!
    thanks for the list!

  8. Where would Infinity - Against the Tide 001 & 002 (when it's available) fit into this?? - Thanks for this reading order list - just what I needed.

  9. Any chance of adding the issues that came out last week, thanks

    INFINITY: HEIST #3 (of 4) - 27th November
    WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN ANNUAL #1 - 27th November
    INFINITY #6 (of 6) - 27th November
    NEW AVENGERS #12 - 27th November
    INFINITY: THE HUNT #4 (of 4) - 27th November
    GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #9 - 4th December

  10. Sorry for not updating everyone. I have not read some issues and trying to catch up. Just hang in there and I will update soon. Sorry

  11. is Infinity series ends with infinity 6?
    is Inhumanity part of Infinity?

    1. no, Inhumanity comes next, Its the fallout from Infinity

  12. What about "Infinity: Against The Tide" # 01-02, where do they fit into the reading order?

    1. These Fit in at the begging right after Infinity #1

  13. are you going to do a reading order for inhumanity and its tie-ins also? please do! and please update this soon.

  14. Here is the update. Sorry for the delay.

  15. Thanks so much for the time and effore !

  16. Hi there, thanks for the nice job! Are you doing an Inhumanity reading order as well, by any chance?

  17. Your lists are the best! Are you gonna do an Inhumanity one too?

  18. So it looks like Inhumanity is popular. I might look into it. Thanks for the comments I didn't know if people really liked the way I did it or not.
    Thank You
    Once again for visiting my blog

  19. Thanks SO much dude. And yea it would be super-cool if you do an Inhumanity R.O.

  20. Would you be doing a reading order for inhumanity?