Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Comics out today 7-24-13

Yes another Wednesday is here which means more new comics to hit the shelves. Here are a couple of them on sale today. From Marvel we have a new series starting featuring Spider-Man. It's called Superior Spider-Man Team Up.

This new series will feature Spider-Man teaming up with a different hero each issue. Looks like this can be a hit and also introduce to us other heroes in the Marvel Universe. Next we have Superior Spider-Man # 14.

Spider-Man takes down Shadowland and all of it! If you are not reading this and you are a Spider-Man fan then you are missing out. Peter Parker is not Spider-man but someone we all know is. Not going to give it away , but go get issue # 1 and find out. My favorite comic out right now. and finally on the Marvel side we have another new series starting called Hunger.

This takes place after the Age of Ultron story arc. If you don't know a new rift was opened in the Universe. Is this new rift safe? Will Earth be safe? Can this be the end?What a great cover with Galactus. Ok next we have DC Comics. Batman/Superman # 2.

Batman and Superman head to Earth 2 where they find out familiar faces are trying to kill them. I love the cover! Up next we have Batman The Dark Knight # 22.

The origin of Clayface is revealed and a new mystery opens. I love Clayface a villain you don't see much and you should in my opinion. Finally on the DC side we have Justice League Dark # 22.

Trinity War chapter 3 has begun and a member of the Justice League defects to the Justice League Dark.
There are plenty of other comics out today these are just some of them. So head on over to your local comic store and pick up some issues. REMEMBER TO SUPPORT YOU LOCAL COMIC BOOK SHOPS.

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