Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review Batman 66 comic

Yes that's right DC Comics has started a new comic based on the TV show from the 60's. It's called Batman 66. The first issue came out last week.

I loved it. I'm a big fan of the TV show and still watch the reruns to this day. They are being aired on METV channel 20 on Direct TV. To me reading this comic was like watching a show I have never seen before. It is done just like the show. Very campy! I can almost hear Adam West and Burt Ward talking as I read this comic. The first issues villain is The Riddler .Yes it looks just like Frank Gorshin.

Everything from the show is in this comic the POW'S and the BAM'S , but best of all it even has the famous wall climb with a celebrity popping out of the window. If you are a fan of the old show you will love this comic. The dialogue the humor and the faces are all there.Great job DC I love it! Here is a random page in the Bat-cave with some dialogue between the Boy-Wonder and Batman!

Now only if this show would come out on DVD I would be one happy man! For more on the TV Show check out the blog I wrote on 4-18-13. Same Bat Channel Same Bat Time!

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