Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ant - Man

Yes that's right time for a little blog about one of the 1st Avengers who gets no love until his movie comes out on November 2015.

Dr. Henry " Hank " Pym made his comic debut in Tales to Astonish # 27 in 1962

It is not until Tales to Astonish # 35 in 1962 do we get to see the Ant - Man himself.

Dr. Henry Pym is a Biochemist who while playing with some particles discovered that it could alter his size. He called this the Pym Particles.Next he created a helmet so he could communicate and control ants. Later on he would share his secret with his girlfriend Janet Van Dyne who would become the Wasp and those two would join and become original members of The Avengers. Another creation of Dr. Pym's is Ultron who later becomes The Avengers nemesis.

I know this is a bad quality video but here is the test footage from Ant Man released last year at Comic - Con Looks good to me!

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