Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New comics 5-1-13

Yes it is Wednesday once again that means new comics.

On Marvel side we got Age of Ultron # 7

My favorite comic that is out right now, With only three issues left and craziness everywhere I'm sure this big fight between all the Heroes and Ultron will be spectacular. Not going to give anything away but look at that cover notice anything weird? WOW !!!! Next is Superior Spider-Man # 9.

I just started to read this and I love it. If you don't know whats going on here please pick up issue # 1 and find out you will be amazed at who's mind is in Peter Parker's body. Hint one of his biggest foes is!!! Looking at this cover you probably can guess it. Finally another one I have been reading is Thanos Rising # 2.
Like I said this is # 2 out of a 5 issue story line. Last issue we saw a very young Thanos in grade school and what happened to start off his evil ways. Looks like at an early age Death was by his side.
 On the DC side of comics we got. Detective Comics # 20
Green Arrow # 20
Finally Action Comics # 20
As you can see I'm more of a Marvel guy but wanted to at least show you what else is out today on the DC side. Remember support your local comic shop!!

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