Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Comics!!!

Yes another Wednesday has approached us and that means more new comics. On the Marvel side we have:
Avengers Assemble AU # 15

This is a tie-in issue to Age of Ultron. If you are not reading this series you are missing out. Ultron and his Sentries are taking over the world , but it looks like the Heroes have something up their sleeve. Here again is the back-list of all the issues if you are interested in getting them.

Next we have Avenging Spider-Man # 20

This is part 1 of  2 being called The Chameleon Sanction.The Chameleon is in jail on the S.H.I.E.L.D.  Helicarrier. Also out is Earth's Mightiest Heroes Avengers # 14.

Iron Man vs. Technovore looks good. Ok now for you DC guys. We have  Batman # 20.

Part of the new 52. Who is this new stranger in Gotham? Next Batman Death by Design. This is a Graphic Novel.

Next is Green Lantern Corps # 20.

This is the epilogue to Wrath of the First Lantern. Should Guy Gardner put the Corps together again or should they just dissemble.  Those are just some of the big comics out this week. For more comics and graphic novels head down to your local comic shop and take a look around.    

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