Monday, May 6, 2013

Man of Steel - Superman!

Since Iron Man 3 has opened and in theaters time to look ahead to the next Superhero movie. Which is Man of Steel that comes out on 6-14-13

Lets hope this movie is better than Iron Man 3. Playing the part of Superman / Clark Kent we have Henry Cavill.

Superman / Clark Kent first appeared in comics in Action Comics # 1 in June of 1938.

Next we have General Zod being played by Michael Shannon.

He first appeared in the comics in Adventure Comics #283 in April 1961.

Next we have Russel Crowe playing Jor - El who is Superman's father on Krypton.

Jor - El 1st appeared in the comics in a comic strip in the newspapers in 1938 but his debut in a comic book was 1945 in More Fun Comics.

Next we have Jonathan Kent played by Kevin Costner and Martha Kent played by Diane Lane. His parents on Earth. Who would of thought Superman's two fathers are Robin Hood.. Sorry had to.

Next we  have Laurence Fishburne as Perry White. Perry White 1st appeared in the comics in Superman # 7 1940. Lets hope this works like Nick Fury did for the Avengers.

Finally how can we forget the love of his life Lois Lane played by Amy Adams.

Lois Lane made her debut also in Action Comics # 1 in June of 1938.

Well there you have it. The previews look good so lets hope they got it right. It is going to be nice to see General Zod as the villain instead of good ol Lex Luthor. I hope this is the start of the big rumored movie that everyone wants to see THE JUSTICE LEAGUE..

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