Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Comics Released Today!

Yes it's Wednesday which means new comics are out today! Lets take a look at some that hit stores today.
On the Marvel side we have: The Fearless Defenders # 4AU

A tie-in issue to the on going story arc of Age of Ultron. It's winding down and there is a slight hope that Ultron can be deafeated. Next is Uncanny Avengers # 8AU

Another tie-in to Age of Ultron. I really like this cover and seeing Kang makes me smile! Next is one of my favorite comics right now Superior Spiderman # 10

The Return of the Green Goblin!!! AHHHHHHH Yeah! Finally on the Marvel side we get Daredevil # 26

Looks like Iron Man will make an appearance in this issue. Ok lets jump on over to the DC Comics. First up we got Flash # 20

Flash goes up against the Reverse Flash. Next we have Aquaman # 20

Aquaman enlists the help of The Others to find a missing relic. Finally we have Arrow # 7

Looks like Deathstroke's origin will be revealed. Well that are some of the comics out today.   REMEMBER TO SUPPORT YOU LOCAL COMIC BOOK STORES!

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