Thursday, May 2, 2013

Special Report!

We interrupt today's regular program of THORSDAY to bring you a special report.

This just in Iron Man 3 opens today!!

Yes that's right today! Today we will start Marvel's Universe with Phase Two. Phase two consists of Iron Man 3 ( 5-3-12 ), Thor : The Dark World ( 10-30-13 ) , Captain America : The Winter Soldier ( 4-4-14 ) , Guardians of the Galaxy ( 8-14 ) , and finally to end phase two we have Avengers 2 ( 5-15 ). Then we go into Phase 3 which we do know one film and that's Ant Man ( 11-15 ) and from here I'm guessing but rumor has it Dr. Strange.. Well I'm going back to the TV to watch the Avengers. See you in line at the movies tonight. Cheers!!!! 

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